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Ultimate Gambling Terms & Glossary Casino, Guide in 2022

Gambling Terms

Ultimate Gambling Terms & Glossary Casino, Guide in 2022

Gambling can seem intimidating when you don’t quite know the lingo. There are a lot of gambling terms you’ll hear on the floor at an Oklahoma casino – or any casino, for that matter. And when you’re in the middle of a game, it can be hard to keep up. Knowing some key words and phrases beforehand can enhance your play, and give you a better idea of what goes into each play.

Get to know the basics of gambling terminology with our simple guide. It may be imagined I abuse his carriage, and hee perhaps may suddenly bee thought Faire-conditioned: for he played about Boord.

And if in the meane while he is not created Cardinall, by reason of his infamous bastardize, and Foule Vellaquerie, & too open playing about Boord: yet let him be a Cardinall, and a card Excarnificable, vested with Cardinals robes of yellow, blew, and gréene, like the Knauer of Clubbers.

be confusing. Our glossary to sports betting terminology makes familiar phrases, meanings, and gambling slang simple …

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Definition: something (such as a business venture) that has an unpredictable outcome

Crapshoot is typically encountered today written as a closed compound (single word), but when it first entered the language in the late 19th century it was generally an open compound (“crapshoot”). And no, the crap portion of this word was not a judgmental adjective – it was referring to the game of craps, a gambling game in which a pair of dice are thrown (or shot).


By the middle of the 20th century the shooting of craps was being used, in one way or another, to indicate unpredictability in some venture: an article on boiler rooms in the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1956 says “The aim has been to distinguish between sound investment objectives and income and ‘the old crap shooting game of speculation.’”

The bill states: Complainant would respectfully show to the court that the defendants, as partners or otherwise, are now and have been for the past three months or more engaged in running a gambling house, or, to use the parlance of the defendant, a “crapshoot” … that in the said house they operate and run a gambling game or game of chance known as “craps,” which is played in the following manner Tennessean (Nashville, TN

Poker face

Definition: an inscrutable face that reveals no hint of a person’s thoughts or feelings Poker is not a terribly old card game or at least the word for it is not, as it appears to only have begun being used in the 1830s. It didn’t take long before we began to use the name of the game to describe the expressionless aspect of a person’s face when trying to not give away any details of what is in their hand.

A good Poker-face, one that will not betray the nature of a hand by change of countenance, is a valuable possession. Cavendish,” The Laws and Principles of Whist Stated and Explained, 1874


Definition: a trick or device used to attract business or attention In current use gimmick is perhaps most often used to describe some form of marketing or attention-gathering ploy, although it also may be found referring to a physical item, such as a gadget. The earliest gimmicks are believed to have been gadgets, although of a certain type.


In the early 20th century, a gimmick was “a mechanical device by which a gambling apparatus (as a roulette wheel) can be secretly and dishonestly controlled.” The player has little chance to beat the game. The device which controls the strong joint is known in the vernacular as “the squeeze,” “the pinch,” or “the gimmick.”


Definition: an impressive often unexpected success or reward

A jackpot may refer to a number of things, including such disparate things as “a tight spot, or difficult situation” and “an impressive often unexpected success or reward.” Both of these meanings are figurative ones, and the earliest sense of the word was a somewhat literal one, as it was used in reference to a pot and jacks.

The pot in question was the accumulated bets made in a poker game, and the jack came from the provision that a pair of jacks was necessary to begin betting. That portion of the community who delight in fulls, flushes, straights, and jackpots came to grief in the Police-court this morning.

1 Basic Gambling Terms and Phrases
1.1 Bankroll
1.2 Bet
1.3 Balance
1.4 Beginner’s Luck
1.5 Bet Max (Maximum Bet/Max Bet)
1.6 Blinds
1.7 Bonus
1.8 Calling
1.9 Chips
1.10 Classic slots (Fruit Machine)
1.11 Dealer
1.12 Deposit
1.13 Double Down
1.14 Face Cards
1.15 Free Spins (Extra Spins/Casino Spins)
1.16 High Roller (The Whale)
1.17 House Edge
1.18 Jackpot
1.19 Payline

Bet/Betting limit

A bet, also called a wager, is the amount you stake on a round of blackjack or roulette. It will also be the amount you spend on the spin of a slot machine. Some table games will have betting limits. For example, you might select a blackjack table where the maximum bet is $10.


When you first sit down for a session at the tables, you will need to convert cash for the casino token equivalent – or chips. The total you spend is called the buy-in. In poker tournaments, the buy-in is the cost of entry.



Hopefully, you will make a profit during your visit to the casino. If you do, you do not get money from the dealer. Instead, you take your chips to the cage, which is the secure area of the casino that converts your chips back to lovely cash. If you are looking at casino terms for winning, you must get used to the cage.

Card Sharp

A player who is considered skilled at card games is called a card sharp. While you will be happy playing alongside a card sharp at blackjack, since he is only taking money from the dealer, you don’t want to play one at poker because he will be winning your money.

Card Washing

Card washing does not involve taking a cloth and soapy water and scrubbing the cards. Instead, it is when the dealer spreads the cards face down and mixes them up before shuffling. Most tables in modern casinos have automatic shuffling machines to save time, so this is one piece of casino slang which is rarely used today.


Chips are the currency of the casino gambler. Chips come in various colors and denominations and are the tokens you use for playing casino table games. They are also irresistible to fiddle with, and you might often see players, particularly poker players, “riffling” them.


Running cold refers to a player who is on a losing streak. A game that is not paying out might also be described as cold. The opposite, running hot, is far more appealing.


When you visit a casino, make sure you sign up for the rewards club. You then earn points, known as comps, while you play. Over time, you can convert these points into a tangible reward, perhaps a free buffet or money off casino accommodation.



Croupier is a French term for table dealer and is not commonly used in the US. But you might impress players around you with your casino jargon.

Double or Nothing

A type of bet that is even money, so that if you win, you double your money, but if you lose, you get nothing. Examples will be red or black, or odd or even bets in roulette.

Face cards

Also known as picture cards, face cards are the jacks, queens, and kings in a deck of cards. In most casino games, these are all valued at ten.

High Roller

After many successful visits to the casino, you too might become a high roller, a player with a large bankroll who will play higher stakes, risking more for a much bigger reward.

House/House Edge

The casino is a business called the house. You might have heard the term, “The house always wins.” Sadly, in the long run, that is true, because every casino table game or slot machine is programmed in the house’s favor – called the house edge. If there were no house edge, the casino would lose money and, before long, close down.


Sometimes called vig, think of juice as the commission that the casino takes on certain games like baccarat, craps, and sportsbooks.

Pit boss

When you sit down at a table like blackjack, you’ll notice a well-dressed member of staff standing at a station near to the dealers. This is the pit boss, whose job it is to oversee fair play at all times.



It’s common to see people watching games played in a casino. They are called railbirds, but they must be at a safe distance so as not to influence the game or players in any way.


A toke is another term for a tip. It’s considered polite to occasionally tip the dealer during a winning streak in blackjack, or after a good pot in poker.


Casino bosses love whales. These are a step up from high rollers, super-wealthy individuals who fly to a casino with vast amounts of cash they wish to gamble with. They don’t care if they win or lose, so long as they have fun.

That completes our top 20 casino terms. After a few visits, you’ll soon get used to the gambling lingo. If you visit an online casino like TwinSpires Casino, you won’t need a casino slang dictionary at all, so you can be more relaxed when you play.

What are good gambling names? bettor

  • gambler.
  • gamester.
  • high roller.
  • player.
  • plunger.
  • wagerer.

What do you call someone who loves gambling?

gambler is a person who takes a lot of high-risk chances. … When you seek adventure or danger, you‘re gambling with your safety or even your life, which makes you one kind of gambler. Other gamblers enjoy betting money on sports, card games, or games of chance.

How can you describe a gambler?

Here are some adjectives for gambler: dimwitted pathological, wild-eyed military, biggest bucket-shop, faultless and lucky, Irish itinerant, astute and subtle, fringe-legal, carefree, gallant, brash, confident, easy-going professional, former high-stakes, white professional, vicious, penniless, miserable and reckless, …


Gambling Terms
Gambling Terms

Here are some of the top 5 famous casino gamblers known to be successful and dauntless gamblers.

  • Edward Thorp. Edward Thorp is a math professor, inventor, author, hedge fund manager, blackjack player, and a successful gambler. …
  • Billy Walters. …
  • Doyle Brunson. …
  • Chris Moneymaker. …
  • Phil Ivey. …
  • In Conclusion.

How much is a nickel in gambling?

Nickel: Jargon for a $500 bet. Usually used with bookies; if you bet “a nickel,” that means a $500 wager.


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