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Things To Say To Your Crush Sweet, Funny & Clever, Phrases to Flirt 2022

Things To Say To Your Crush

Things To Say To Your Crush Sweet, Funny & Clever, Phrases to Flirt 2022

Hey cutie, Sweet dreams, Oooooh, I like the sound of that, Follow up with Tell me more, Happy Birthday, I’m trying on

  • You make me believe in magic because you’re magic!
  • When you enter a room, everyone drops what they are doing to soak in your gorgeousness.
  • Do you know the effect you have on me?
  • Why has God sent someone as adorable as you on earth?
  • No matter who I talk to, I always turn back to you.

Love messages to try to make that person notice you, realize that you are attracted to and fall in love. Short and emotional phrases to confess what you feel. Nice things to express your deepest and sincere feelings and wishes for that special someone.You just let yourself fall in love, I’m in charge of making you happy …

Several short love messages, where to choose the most appropriate one to send to that person who has not yet realized that I like and am interested. Phrases of love to conquer and fall in love.
Confessions of my sincere love, for a special person that I want in my life with me.

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Phrases of love to confess that I like and love him – things to say to your crush

❀ What I have to tell you is very simple: “With you I want everything and without you I want nothing.”
❀ I wish you were like my life. Mine and nobody else’s!
❀ For me there are no eyes like yours, a mouth like yours, or a heart like the one that beats inside you.
❀ No matter who you are or where you come from, the light in your eyes tells me that you are the person of my dreams.
❀ And when I saw your smile, I knew. That is the smile I want to see when I wake up for the rest of my life …
❀ You attract me, I like you, you interest me, like nobody else, like never before …
❀ With you, always with you, at all hours, today, tomorrow and always, only with you.
❀ With you I want EVERYTHING. I prefer war with you, to winter without you …

❀ I like you and only you, others for me, it’s as if they don’t exist …
❀ It’s not enough for you to leave me speechless, you also take my breath away and steal my heart.
❀ I invite you to be part of my insomnia, although frankly, I’d better like you to come and share them with me.
❀ Me and that silly smile I put on when I see you.
❀ I’m not lying to you when I tell you that I would give this life and those to come, to see you smile.
❀ They say that if you can be in silence with a person without feeling uncomfortable, it is that there really is chemistry between the two. So it happens with you.

Things To Say To Your Crush Sweet, Funny & Clever, Phrases to Flirt 2022

❀ You are the only person I want to do millions of things with that I don’t want to do with anyone else.
❀ My heart thinks more of you than of me, so it is in love and crazy.
❀ I have a silly and a little stupid heart, which thinks of you with every song I hear. He is rare, unpredictable, fearful and with many other defects, but he knows how to love, as few know … especially you.

❀ Whatever they say about you, whatever they say, you are my world, my reality, you are my unforgettable dream.
❀ I don’t care that it is difficult to conquer you, I only care to be with you.
❀ We walked without looking for each other, but knowing that we were walking to find each other …
❀ I want you to be the first thing I see when I open my eyes every morning.
❀ Excuse me, I just want to make you smile, treat you like a princess and do everything but harm, do you accept?
❀ I even like all those things about you that I can’t stand in others.
❀ I have been addicted to you since I met you. A little piece of heaven is for me is a little piece of your lips.

Phrases so that you realize my love – things to say to your crush

❀ You may not realize it yet, but I am very interested in you, more than anything in this world. I am interested in you.
❀ If you look well into my eyes, you will see your image inside my heart. I have you engraved there like a tattoo.
❀ I like you and only you, nobody but you, nothing like what I liked before.
❀ I am interested in you for many beautiful things, but mainly, to spend my whole life by your side.
❀ I like you, the way I like the air I breathe, the one I need to live. That’s how I like you.
❀ I like you so much that I can’t stop thinking about you and I am always imagining, what it would be like to be with you, by your side.
❀ Like the sardine to the cat, that’s how I like you, with madness, with outburst.
❀ There are people who fall in love. There are others who fall in love with you like me, thinking of you all the time, at all hours.
❀ I saw you, you caught my attention, I met you and now I’m leaving your side for nothing in the world.
❀ In life I have known beautiful and pleasant things, then there is you.

Love messages to tell you that I’m interested – things to say to your crush

❀ I’m dying to have your company, I’ll settle for two minutes, although it may be two hours, two months, two years or a lifetime …
❀ My mouth says nothing, but my gaze tells you everything I feel for you …
❀ Loving you and being loved by you would be the best gift that life can give me.
❀ I want you by my side because desires do not feed, nor do you live on memories.
❀ It’s impossible not to want to kiss you every time you smile.
❀ Thinking of you is a habit, dreaming of you is a vice, loving you is an inevitable consequence.
❀ I just want to love you, no matter what I have to do, if with it I can make you love me too.
❀ I am ready to love you with desire and love you beautiful. And if one day we go wrong, missing you in silence, remembering you without grudges and slowly forgetting you.

Things To Say To Your Crush Sweet, Funny & Clever, Phrases to Flirt 2022

❀ I would hang myself from the highest cloud, just to see you.
❀ You left me without wanting to meet anyone else in my life.
❀ I miss you because you make me smile, even when you’re not close to me …
❀ You can tell from miles who I love you by inches.
❀ I love you to never let you go. I love you as you love certain loves, the old-fashioned way, with my soul and without looking back.
❀ You know what is the reason for my silly smiles every day. It’s the first word of this sentence …
❀ Your kisses are the only medicine I need to heal this wounded heart.
❀ In my dreams you have lived with me for a long time, now I would like to begin to know you in reality …

Nice things for a person that I want to notice me – things to say to your crush

❀ You are that person for whom I am capable of doing what I promised never to do, all those things that I called nonsense, typical of people in love, whom I always criticized.
❀ I do not want with you a love that is half, torn or broken in half, I am looking for a complete, whole, intense and indestructible love.
❀ I would like to conquer you and keep in mind that I always fight to the end when something interests me, I don’t have the strength to give up and I won’t do it with you.
❀ It cannot be anything other than love, what I feel for you, good love.
❀ I know it is LOVE, when there is no better music than your voice, a better book than your messages, and no better taste than the one I keep from your last kiss …
When everything around me I find more beautiful and anything reminds me to you.
That is why I know that it is LOVE, what I feel for you.

Things To Say To Your Crush Sweet, Funny & Clever, Phrases to Flirt 2022

❀ You give me just one chance, I will see to it that it is worth it.
❀ When I’m with you, nights become days, Mondays, Saturdays and even the air I breathe has more oxygen.
❀ Every time I see you I feel like injecting your name into my veins …
❀ And although I dream of you asleep, I wish you awake.
❀ I don’t want you to remember me, it’s enough that you don’t forget me.
❀ If you ask me, I can push aside the gray clouds so that you have a good day …
❀ Forgive my wishes, but what I saw in you I have not seen in anyone else.

Phrases to confess that I am in love – things to say to your crush

❀ I love you to listen to your laugh all night and sleep on your chest, without shadows or ghosts, I love you to never let go.
❀ Those lips of yours are my obsession.
❀ You are everything that I swore never to feel for someone …
❀ It may not be the reason for your life, but at least it is, the reason for your smile.
❀ I don’t know what to do with you, but I also don’t know what to do without you.
❀ I would like to be only you and live forever inside your heart.
❀ I would like to be … That person who is always on your mind. That person you always answer fast to. That person you talk about all day to your friends. That person who leaves a big smile on your face. That person … would like to be me

Things To Say To Your Crush Sweet, Funny & Clever, Phrases to Flirt 2022

❀ I would like to be in a painting with you, there in your house, where everyone sees us, it is just a dream, but I hope it will come true one day.
❀ I want to kiss you in the rain … And if it doesn’t rain, it doesn’t matter, we kiss in the shower.
❀ The heart is exercised by giving love to the people around you, even if they do not deserve it.
❀ Give me a kiss with the flavor of I will never be away from you.
❀ Everything can go well, but having your hands embraced with mine, everything goes much better.
❀ With you the seconds I spend are worth years …
❀ What if we give ourselves some time? For example, you give me your present and I give you my future.
❀ You are the world’s way of telling me: How beautiful life is!

Messages to fall in love – things to say to your crush

❀ Beautiful love messages for my partner
❀ Postcards with compliments and phrases to fall in love
❀ Phrases for the love I expected and finally found
❀ Love phrases to declare and fall in love
♡ Phrases to fall in love, seduce and woo
❀ Phrases to fall in love, conquer and confess that I love her
❀ Declarations and confessions of love to provoke and fall in love

What should I say to my crush over text? things to say to your crush

5 Texts To Send Your Crush When You Don’t Know How To Start A Conversation

  • Ask A Leading Question. …
  • Jog Their Memory. …
  • Say Something Sweet. …
  • Bring Up A Shared Interest Or Experience. …
  • Send An Emoji.

What are cute things to say to your crush?

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things to say to your crush

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend – things to say to your crush

  • I love you for everything you are.
  • I feel so safe with your arms around me.
  • I can’t stop smiling around you. You make me so happy.
  • I crave you more than pizza.
  • I love your _____.
  • You’re more than my boyfriend. …
  • Every day is an adventure with you.
  • I’d do anything to see you smile.

How can I flirt with my crush? things to say to your crush

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things to say to your crush

15 ~Chill~ Ways to Flirt With Your Crush

  1. Like their Instagrams and watch their Snapchats. …
  2. Make eye contact. …
  3. Let your emojis do the talking. …
  4. Wave and say “hi” when they walk by. …
  5. Invite your crush to hang out as part of a group. …
  6. Say something simple, then keep the conversation going.

What should I write to crush?

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things to say to your crush

Keep it short, simple, and to the point. Explain your feelings, but don’t include too many gushy details. Prepare yourself for your crush’s reaction, and remember that even if your crush doesn’t like you back, you will have been brave enough to get your own feelings off your chest—and that is something to be proud of.

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things to say to your crush

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