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Sixty Plaintiffs in Mike Postle Poker Cheating Case Accept

Mike Postle

Sixty Plaintiffs in Mike Postle Poker Cheating Case Accept

Mike Postle is an American professional poker player who grew up in Wisconsin. Stones Gambling Hall cheating allegations In July 2018 Postle started a prolonged poker “heater” (a hot streak where everything seems to be going right for a particular player).

winning around $250,000 in mainly $1-3 and $2-–5 no limit hold ’em games at Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, California on their live stream.

Over a year later, during a Stones live stream in September 2019, Stones employee Veronica Brill shared her long-held suspicions, that Postle was cheating. “It doesn’t make sense.

It’s like he knows. It doesn’t make sense. It’s weird.” One week after this, Brill posted an 18-minute-video showing Postle’s most unusual hands. She also tweeted out her suspicions.

Sixty Plaintiffs in Mike Postle Poker Cheating Case Accept

Sixty plaintiffs in the Mike Postle alleged cheating case have accepted a settlement, according to new court filings this week. That allows for the possibility that 28 remaining poker players may still choose to pursue the case through the courts.

The value of the settlements was not publicly disclosed. But they didn’t come from Postle, the player who, according to the lawsuit, was relayed information about opponents’ hole cards by an accomplice during a series of Stone Live Poker cash game streams last year.


Sensationally, a judge in Sacramento dismissed all claims against Postle in June. The judge ruled so on the grounds that disputes were “not cognizable under California law because California public policy bars judicial intervention in gambling disputes, in part because the asserted damages are inherently speculative.”

This ruling also got Stones Gambling Hall and its tournament director Justin Kuraitis partially off the hook. But the judge left the door ajar for the plaintiffs to file an amended complaint against the venue and its employee.

Whistleblower Didn’t Settle

Conspicuous by her absence among the list of players who accepted the payoff is Veronica Brill, occasional player and commentator for Stones Live Poker, who blew the whistle on Postle’s suspicious behavior.

Brill was also suing Stones for libel because the card room called her a liar on its social media account after she accused Postle.

Once Brill’s allegations surfaced, internet sleuths took up the case, poring over hundreds of hours of footage, analyzing hands, and discussing the statistical implausibility of Postle’s extraordinary win-rates, attained while using sub-optimal strategies.

Their conclusion, as the plaintiffs later alleged, was that Postle received information about pocket cards through his cell phone, which he routinely concealed under the poker table, or through a device embedded in his baseball cap, and probably both. .

Deadline Day

The plaintiffs originally sought $ 30 million – $ 10 million from each party – alleging extortion, fraud, negligence and unfair enrichment. This week’s settlements are likely only a fraction of that.


Postle is alleged to have won around $ 250,000 playing the low-stakes games at Stones. If Brill and the remaining plaintiffs choose to pursue legal action, the deadline to file an amended complaint is today, September 11.

What happened with Mike Postle?

Legal Team Filed Motion With Court Citing A “Cease Of Communication” Between Postle And His Lawyers. Lawyers representing alleged poker cheat Mike Postle in his $330 million defamation lawsuit against several of the poker community’s most prominent members have filed paperwork with the court to drop Postle as a client.

Who is Veronica Brill?

Veronica Brill is a poker player, commentator, and YouTube personality. Born in Poland and raised in Canada, she now lives and works in California.

In 2019, she became the center of a huge controversy in the world of poker. The controversy was sparked when she accused her poker partner Mike Postle of cheating. The alleged cheating occurred during poker games broadcast live by Stones Gambling Hall.

Brill and 88 others sued Postle for cheating. After being removed from the case, Postle filed a lawsuit against Brill and several other prominent figures in the poker world, including Daniel Negreanu and ESPN. However, Postle retracted the lawsuit from him in April 2021.


Brill has appeared on Poker After Dark, Live at the Bike, and Stones Live.

How old is Mike Postle?

Mike Postle was on another tear. The moonfaced 42-year-old was deep into a marathon poker session at Stones Gambling Hall, a boxy glass-and-steel casino wedged between Interstate 80 and a Popeye’s in suburban Sacramento.

Do casinos cheat at poker?

Casinos might cheat like that, but no way would they ever use a gaffed deck like the one in the videos. You’re more likely to see that in some dodgy private home games. Casinos aren’t going to leave material evidence of cheating lying around. You may not like how your dealer holds the deck, or how he deals the cards, but this isn’t material evidence that would hold up in any court.

Not that Poker cheating doesn’t happen, pretty sure it does, such as collusion. You could possibly have a corrupt dealer working with a cheat to relieve a big money player of a bundle, though it’s unlikely. If caught, that would mean some serious jail time. The house makes all its money from rake or seat rent, and so has an interest in seeing that collusion isn’t occurring. Keeping the games clean is in their best interest.



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