Plus Size Maternity Clothes & Pregnancy Clothing Stores & Brands 2021

Plus Size Maternity Clothes & Pregnancy Clothing Stores & Brands 2021

So you’re fat and pregnant! Congratulations! You’ve now reached the 3rd level of clothes shopping hell that is reserved for those of us who dare to ever think that maybe we could have an adorable plus size pregnancy filled with equally adorable plus size maternity clothing! Achievement unlocked!

And I’m pretty aware that pregnancy probably isn’t going to be very fun for me because I’m just that kind of person. I don’t deal well with change, I get anxious when my body does things I don’t understand, and I’m pretty fucked up about going to the doctor. So the thought of not having something cute to dress up in, even if I only wear it on my couch, is heartbreaking. I have a feeling I’m not the only person feeling that way, too.

So this one is for a little glimmer of hope for current (or future) pregnant babes. Your plus-size maternity clothing options don’t have to be bleak! If you need more support, make sure you check out!  Peace and love to all of you on your beautiful journey!

Pink Blush Maternity Plus Size Maternity

What a breath of fresh fat hippy air. This line is the stuff my little fat pregnant dreams are made of. Pink Blush’s Maternity section has grown a lot over the last few years! There are enough cute pieces to make you think dressing you and your little baby bump won’t be a nightmare. The prices are reasonable too!!! Sizes up to 3X, prices around $40

CoEdition Plus Size Maternity

CoEdition is an incredible source for tons of brands, and recently they’ve added a maternity line called Bump Biddy that has great dresses for our sweet expecting babes. Even better, most are priced under $50 and you can use code FATGIRLFLOW20 for 20% off!   Mattresses For Heavy People!Play Video

Good American Jeans

I’m super impressed with Good American’s jean selection for maternity. They have jeans that are great for your first and second trimester AND denim that works when you’re in the home stretch. These beautifully made jeans will set you back a bit at $150, but they’re a great investment especially if you’re planning on having a few more l

Motherhood Maternity Plus Size Maternity

This is the store that I think most people know about. Carrying up to sizes 3X, with prices around $40, this shop has been a maternity staple for many parents. Because they cater to maternity they are on trend and make really comfortable pieces that just make sense.

Torrid Maternity

Every fat babe’s favorite cotton leggings now come in a maternity version! Torrid doesn’t have many maternity options – but I LIVE in torrid leggings and I feel like I would be really letting everyone down if I didn’t tell you that they come in maternity sizing. Torrid also carries a couple maternity bra options. Hopefully they’ll expand this selection in the future!

Amazon Plus Size Maternity

You can always count on Amazon to bring you an adorable sun dress made for a maternal angel! Tons of the options on Amazon are specifically for maternity, but the dress on the far right below is from their Daily Ritual line which goes to 7x. Not specifically for plus size maternity but great if you’re just looking to size up and wear some basics! There’s also a seller on Amazon called Savi Mom that has great birthing gowns for new parents!

Oh Mama! from Walmart Plus Size Maternity

This line is cute times 10! And because it’s from Walmart, you can count on it being affordable too! The Oh Mama! line goes up to 3x and has SO many plus size maternity

Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Yours Clothing Plus Size Maternity

Yours clothing is a great UK brand that’s been honoring our curves with cute affordable clothes. Lucky you, they have plus size options as well! Keep in mind, the shipping takes a little longer on this site! Prices start at $15, sizes go to a US 30.

Plus Size Maternity Clothes

If you have any suggestions for other places please let me know in the comments!

Can plus size wear maternity?

You’ll wear about the same size in maternity clothing that you did pre-pregnancy — that said, as you likely already know, different brands fit differently. You may find that it’s helpful to shop around and experiment with different sizes and different brands to find the best fit for your figure and style.

How to Shop for the Best Plus Size Clothes. What to buy, where to shop, and how to build (and rock) your plus size pr We’ve got the styles you love in the sizes you need from maternity brands including Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, Jessica Simpson, and Destination. Where To Shop For Plus Size Maternity Clothing. So you’re fat and pregnant! Congratulations! You’ve now reached the 3rd level of clothes shopping hell that is …

Shop plus size maternity clothing & nursing bras from Torrid. Find maternity bras, dresses, leggings, and more that will keep you comfortable during pregnancy! This season’s newest plus size maternity clothes are in! Shop today’s sale to save and enjoy free shipping over $50 + free returns at PinkBlush! Shop the selection of clothes at Old Navy. Wear our plus size maternity and look your best.

Plus Size Maternity Clothes
Plus Size Maternity

Shop Motherhood’s unbeatable selection of plus size maternity clothes to get the best fit for your baby bump. Look and feel great in our plus size maternity outfits. Ladies who are (or have been) plus size during a pregnancy, where did you shop for work-appropriate maternity plus sizes? Which were your favorite work outfits?

Top 10 Places to Shop for Plus-Size Maternity Clothes

  • PinkBlush.
  • ASOS.
  • Target.
  • Your Clothing.
  • Motherhood Maternity.
  • Nestling & Co.
  • Simply Be.
  • Macy’s.

How many sizes do you go up during pregnancy?

The ultimate tip? Buy regular clothes one or two sizes larger than what you are currently, and use them throughout your pregnancy. In addition, these pieces can be great transitional items for after your pregnancy when your body has yet to get back to its pre-baby size. Wear low-rise pants below your growing belly.

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