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16 How to Eat a Girl Out Secrets to Make Her Scream 2022

How to Eat a Girl Out

16 How to Eat a Girl Out Secrets to Make Her Scream 2022

Today we will focus on how to give oral sex because your girlfriend also likes oral sex as much as we do, and sometimes, we are clumsy when we have to. But do not worry

 As always, we have prepared a guide for you and the rest of our readers to make you masters of the art of moving your tongue

Before moving on to tips and tricks

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You do know where the clitoris is, right? Ok, don’t answer. In case of doubts, we will guide you step by step to locate it (since it is a central part of this guide): with your fingers, caress the labia minora of her vagina, and the clitoris is the small fleshy prominent part that stands out, like the rubber band.

A pencil. Yes, you located it, and we are ready for you to put your tongue to work and make it scream with pleasure (100% verified). All this that you are about to read are recommendations from our writing (and those Reddit threads that we like so much

Before you start, you should know how long should oral sex last?

The fingers

The first trick is to use the ring and index fingers (although some women prefer three fingers). Lick them or wet them with lubricant; if it has an icy effect, much better. Move them inside the vagina, shrinking and stretching them.


First taste a lozenge of Black Halls (temperature changes will heighten sexual tension). Immediately afterward, lick her clit correctly and don’t bite it like gum. Stimulating the clitoris is very simple: think of it as a pacifier. But be careful, don’t make it too hard because it is susceptible and can get painful.

Move your tongue in different ways: How to Eat a Girl Out.

In circles, It gives incredible results.

Cone-shaped (or taquito, as we say in Mexico Brush the clitoris from top to bottom, slow and then fast.

Kisses. With your lips, suck the clitoris gently, adding a slight pressure as if it were a kiss. Soft, very soft, remember it. They hate when oral sex is fast and desperate.

Cowlick. Spread your tongue and savor that whole area like ice cream!

Penetration. But not with your penis, with your tongue. Make your tongue as rigid as you can and go up and down. That will make me scream with pleasure.

Savor it

Play by smearing the area with whipped cream, melted chocolate, and edible oils.

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CMO dar Sexo oral – How to Eat a Girl Out

Javier Snchez Mingorance

Learn to read their movements

If he hits you gently with one of his legs or tries to get you out of the area with his hands, he does not feel comfortable, and you must respect him. Feel free to ask what happened

Always protection – How to Eat a Girl Out

Also, for this area, there are security measures. For example, a dental dam (a piece of latex) to put in this area ( in a sex shop) will help you. There are flavors, and they are efficient (And what if you only have one condom on hand? Cut it out and make a rectangle. The protection won’t be very high, but at least you’ve done what you could to put yourself at risk.

Always lubrication – How to Eat a Girl Out

You must memorize this: you will only insert your fingers into the vagina when she is lubricated. Otherwise, you will hurt her.

Be careful; they hate that you don’t keep up.

Why? She will not reach orgasm if the stimulation is intermittent. Try to have a good frequency, concentration, delicacy, and repetitive movement.

If you’re not sure how to eat a girl the right way, this guide is what you need to make her scream every time.

You may think that knowing how to eat a girl does not require any skills. Just step down, stick your tongue out, and watch yourself have fun. However, the truth is that by doing so, you will hardly get a response. She could make you stop.

There is much more to eating a girl than you might think. It takes time, skill, and practice to get it right and make him wish you didn’t like anything you’ve experienced before. If you don’t do the job, you won’t please her.

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Benefits of eating a girl

Some of you may be rolling your eyes because you don’t see the point in eating a girl when you can go to sex and please her that way. But you may not be pleasing her as much as you think if you get straight to the point.

Girls need foreplay. They take a lot longer than men to get off and tend to enjoy foreplay to get things going and make the big O even better.

Tips on how to eat a girl and make her scream – How to Eat a Girl Out

Like I said, eating a girl is a specific skill that some people don’t have. Fortunately, IT skills can be taught, and with practice, you’ll have her screaming in no time.

If you want to please your girl as you’ve never done before, these tips on how to eat a girl will leave you with all the information you’ll need to make her scream.

# 1 Build anticipation. There is nothing better than receiving a text message from a man saying he will please you as he has never liked you before. It doesn’t matter if you are at work or in the gym. When you receive that text, you will be in a good mood.

Prepare the anticipation in advance. Prepare their minds and bodies for what you have to offer, and you will be amazed at how pumped shi will be to receive what you have to give the heir

# 2 Heat things in other regions first. Don’t jump right in with his girls and get to work. You want to make sure you put your entire body on edge before ending your journey there. Kiss her passionately, kiss her neck, sit her down and let her know that you are about to start working.

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# 3 Get down slowly. This part is essential because it helps build that anticipation. You want her to be as turned on as possible because it will be so much easier to please her that way, So move slowly, kissing and licking your way until you finally get there.

# 4 Find her magic button. And by “magic button,” I mean her clit. If you don’t know where this is, we have more significant problems than your inability to give it orally. Find a diagram of a woman and locate the clitoris and then FOCUS on it. Knowing how to eat a girl the right way is ALL about her clit.

16 How to Eat a Girl Out Secrets to Make Her Scream 2022

# 5 Click your tongue. Now we all know how much girls like the vibe in that region, and that’s because the repeated movement of the clitoris is what drives women away. Try to recreate that movement by using your tongue to move it back and forth and up and down. She will go crazy over this

# 6 Apply pressure with your tongue. Women also need the pressure to get off. So don’t just move your tongue, but press down on her clit with that powerful tongue as you carry her back and forth as fast as possible. It will better recreate that powerful vibe feeling that girls love so much.

# 7 Use your lips. Your tongue is not the only thing you can use to get a girl out. If you want to make her scream, you will use everything your mouth has to offer you, including your lips.

Kiss that area. Use your lips to pull their clit. Get creative with the way you use your mouth. Your lips are essential for making it happen, so don’t think it’s all about your tongue.

# 8 Use the suction of your mouth. You can also use your lips to apply a kind of pressure that girls aren’t used to feeling down there, suction! Suck and tug on her clit and watch her go crazy for you.

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16 How to Eat a Girl Out Secrets to Make Her Scream 2022

# 9 Don’t forget your fingers! Just because you’re eating it doesn’t mean you can’t use other tools to get it out while you’re down there. You can also use your hands and fingers to stimulate her G-spot. Just stick a finger in as she goes to town and watch her roll back and her moans escape!

# 10 Ask him how he likes it. Don’t be afraid to break away and ask her how she wants what she’s doing. If you’re doing everything we’ve been telling you so far, she should be out of breath and unable to respond.

It will give you a chance to take a breath, but it will also help you. to adjust his methods to please her the way she wants. [TheBerry: 18 women confess what they think when they receive an oral test]

# 11 They stimulate other parts of your body. Don’t let your attention down. You have hands, and you can reach them wherever you want! Reach for her butt or go for her boobs and play with them.

By stimulating multiple regions, you will please her in more ways than just her girl parts. You will leave her practically overwhelmed with pleasure and sensations.

# 12 Change positions. You can try to eat her in countless situations. Don’t limit yourself to just one place because different parts can be very other for her. Try them all, and then find the best answer.

16 How to Eat a Girl Out Secrets to Make Her Scream 2022

# 13 Change the intensities. Please do not go all the way in for the entire time you eat it. Change your tempo by going slow, then speeding up. You can apply a little pressure and then use it even more before smoothing again. Variety is key to getting it out. [Hustle: 9 Things Every Woman Should Know About Oral Sex]

# 14 Make sure he knows that you like him. Not many men think about it, but it makes a huge difference. Girls have insecurities about guys who eat them, and if they don’t think you like it, they won’t like it either.

Please make a point to let her know how much you like pleasing her and how much fun you are having. It will relax her and allow her to let go and enjoy the experience instead of feeling insecure about it.

# 15 Ask him what he wants. If you’re unsure what she likes and doesn’t understand, ask her. Do not be shy! It can be done very sexy way if you walk up to her and whisper, “Tell me what you want me to do.” It puts the ball on the court, and you will learn Exact what he likes and wants. It will allow you to focus on those things to eat them like a pro.

Learning how to eat a girl is not something that should be easy and simple. It will take a bit of practice, but as long as you follow these tips on how to eat a girl, she’ll be screaming with pleasure in no time.

Recommended positions: How to Eat a Girl Out

  • In four. The best.
  • The 69.
  • She handstand.
  • She is lying with her legs open.
  • Spit
  • Yes, it sounds gross, but spitting into her vagina will give her a delightful sensation.
  • And never, never blow, whistle, bite or show a disgusted face.
  • You’re welcome; she will always come back for more if you do it right.

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How to Eat a Girl Out

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