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How To Check & Avoid Plagiarism – 5 Best Online Tools That Can Help You

How To Check & Avoid Plagiarism - 5 Best Online Tools That Can Help You

How To Check & Avoid Plagiarism – 5 Best Online Tools That Can Help You

How To Check & Avoid Plagiarism – 5 Best Online Tools That Can Help You

According to a survey by Psychological record, 36% of undergraduates submit duplicated work which is a very huge amount!

However, did you ever think about why it happens and why plagiarism is a major issue?

Well, the fact is simple!

Plagiarism is illegal and it is considered as stealing others’ work or using them without their permission.

Nowadays, the consequences can even lead you behind the bars.

But here’s a solution for it, you can check and identify plagiarism using multiple online tools.

In this blog post, we have mentioned the 5 best online tools to check plagiarism and some tips and tricks that can be used to avoid plagiarism.

Bestseller No. 1
Plagiarism Checker Software (Download)
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Bestseller No. 2
Multilingual Plagiarism Checker
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Bestseller No. 3
Plagiarism Checkers
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Bestseller No. 4
Plagiarism Checker
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Bestseller No. 5
Plagiarism Checker
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Bestseller No. 6
How to Avoid Plagiarism : An Easy to Follow Guide on how to Increase Your Writing Creativity
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The Complete Guide to Discouraging Plagiarism in Higher Education
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Stay with us and read till the end!

Best Online Tools

1 –

Prepostseo plagiarism checker tool can check your submitted content against billions of web pages.

On the other hand, the speed efficiency of this tool is quite impressive. You can also use its automatic rewriting feature that allows you to paraphrase efficiently and avoid plagiarism.

By clicking on one option, it quickly paraphrases the content without charges.

In addition, you will get multiple options to submit your file for plagiarism checking. Below we have mentioned those:

  • Doc
  • Docx
  • Txt
  • Tex
  • Rtf
  • Odt
  • Pdf

There is another unique feature you should know. This tool also has a URL integration feature that allows you to check the similarity via URL.

After checking the plagiarism and paraphrasing, you can download the report to use it for different purposes.

However, it supports multiple languages that allow you to check your content worldwide.

If the file is not available on your local computer, you can use Google drive or cloud storage to upload your desired file for plagiarism checking.


Check plagiarism is a reliable online tool that gives 100% accurate results and quickly checks your entire document.

This tool on our list is a widely used online tool that has won the trust of thousands of students, researchers, and content writers.

The free version of this tool allows you to check 10,000 to 15,000 words per search for free.

On the other hand, if you are a premium user of this tool, there is no word limit for you. You can check as many words you want to check

Furthermore, every piece of content you check in this online tool is safe and secure because they do not save or share your data in their database.

The reports you generate to check plagiarism will be instantly deleted. Moreover, you can check up to 5 different extension files for duplication which is quite impressive.

This tool has been designed in a very simple and unique way that can be operated by every person no matter whether you are a technical person or not.

Best Online Tools

3 – is a free online tool that allows you to download plagiarism reports without paying a single penny.

The usability of this reliable tool is very simple and effective. You can copy-paste the content for duplication or can even upload the file from your computer.

The good thing is that this tool supports 4 different file types such as Doc, Docx, TXT, and PDF.

By getting the percentage of the uniqueness and plagiarism in your content, you can efficiently apply different methods that we will explain later to keep the uniqueness high.

You will feel even more reliable after getting the details about duplication sources to walk through your content and see where the problem is happening.

Therefore, if you are a student, content writer, blogger, or researcher, this tool can be a great resource for you to check and avoid plagiarism.

4 –

Capterra plagiarism checker is another online tool that claims to be number one among others.

But, guess what?

The claim is something that every second plagiarism checker does!

No doubt, capterra is an advanced plagiarism tool, but it also has some flaws and disadvantages for free users.

They have a special feature of deep search technology that checks your content through 3 billion websites, 2 million books, and more than a million journals.

Unfortunately, this feature is only for those who are premium users.

On the other hand, this tool has a special ability to support multiple languages which is quite impressive.

The user experience of this online tool is also reliable and friendly. However, the time it takes to show results is very long compared to other tools.

Furthermore, there are not any spell checkers, even in the premium subscription.

However, you will also not get a chrome extension which is a common flaw of every second online plagiarism checker.

Best Online Tools

How do you check for plagiarism?

5 –

Prowritingaid plagiarism checker is a highly potential tool that can be used by students, educators, researchers, bloggers, and SEO experts.

First of all, copy leaks allow you to set your customizable credits to use the tool, which is efficient to some extent.

However, it also becomes an advantage when you are out of credit and purchase more to check a document urgently.

It is an additional cost and the tool itself is already expensive.

But, the good thing is that they have a huge database and employ a cloud-based data system that has billions of websites and web pages.

On the other hand, there are several compatible options of this tool that allows you to use it on computers, laptops, and mobiles.

You will feel even more reliable after knowing that this tool is Unicode language supported.

It means that it can detect plagiarism in any possible language in the world efficiently.

Want to avoid plagiarism? Check out the below tips & tricks

1 – Paraphrase your content properly

You might be aware of paraphrasing and its benefits, but do you know the procedure about how this technique can be used to improve uniqueness and avoid plagiarism?

Paraphrasing is a great and simple way of avoiding plagiarism, but it is not as easy as you think.

There are several things that you need to consider while paraphrasing.

There are several paraphrasing tools that you can use to paraphrase the content without changing its original meaning.

However, adding your personal opinion and your perspective to the content will improve the quality of the content.

As you are sharing your argument in the discussion, you will have more opportunities to prolong the discussion and create engagement in the content.

Best Online Tools

2 – Change synonyms while paraphrasing

Do you know what most writers do? They paraphrase the content by simply using this tool and clicking the button.

It will change the wording, but it will also be useless unless you proofread it.

The practice of changing similar words manually will allow you to read your content and see where the tool has failed to maintain the quality.

But using and changing synonyms every time is not a permanent solution.

There is a step two that you should follow!

For example, you can change the order of sentences by not changing the original meaning. 

Let’s understand this concept with the below example:

Last night, I applied for 2 jobs but got a rejection from one. Luckily, the second one was impressed by my portfolio and they offered me a handsome salary package.

Let’s change the sentence order and its synonyms!

Yesterday, I sent two job proposals. Fortunately, one of them has hired me because of my strong and attractive portfolio. However, I received a rejection from the second one which is now not a big deal for me.

2 – Avoid using too much quotations

Using quotations is a good thing, but if you continuously do it, then it will not be considered as the original one.

However, when you use a quote or give reference after every single line or paragraph, then what’s the purpose of writing the original content?

To avoid this and plagiarism, know the background history, current situation, and future trends of the topic.

It will help you to gather the resources and conduct a report with helpful insights that will maintain the originality of your work.

3 – Take your time to write & create outlines

The last and the most important thing is no matter what you are writing, if you want quality content, you should invest your time and energy in it.

Most professional writers have heavy workloads that lead them to an escape of not giving proper time to research.

However, it leads to the most common and useless information which is available everywhere on the internet.

If you want to stand out among others, then you should give proper time which will automatically prevent plagiarism and your content will look great.

Secondly, you can also create outlines line by line or topic by topic that you are discussing in the article or content.

Best Online Tools

Final Words

Using the help of technology such as online plagiarism tools is a great way of avoiding plagiarism.

However, there are several manual ways that you can apply in your writing to avoid plagiarism.

To generate unique content, you should paraphrase efficiently by changing synonyms and orders of the sentences

How To Check & Avoid Plagiarism – 5 Best Online Tools That Can Help You.

Here are some guidelines to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Paraphrase your content. Do not copy–paste the text verbatim from the reference paper. …
  2. Use Quotations. …
  3. Cite your Sources – Identify what does and does not need to be cited. …
  4. Maintain records of the sources you refer to. …
  5. Use plagiarism checkers.

How can you avoid plagiarism? Best Practices for Avoiding Plagiarism

  1. Don’t procrastinate with your research and assignments. Good research takes time. …
  2. Commit to doing your own work. If you don’t understand an assignment, talk with your professor. …
  3. Be 100% scrupulous in your note taking. …
  4. Cite your sources scrupulously. …
  5. Understand good paraphrasing.

What are the 6 ways to avoid plagiarism?

  1. Summarize. Take an idea and condense it by putting it in your own words. …
  2. Quote. Take words or ideas from a source and integrate them directly in your writing. …
  3. Paraphrase. Use the author’s general presentation of ideas but restate them in your own words. …
  4. Use Turnitin. …
  5. Use a citation generator.

What are the five steps to avoid plagiarism? 5 ways to avoid plagiarism

  1. 1 Cite your source. …
  2. 2 Include quotations. …
  3. 3 Paraphrase. …
  4. 4 Present your own idea. …
  5. 5 Use a plagiarism checker.

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