How Much Are The Dobre Brothers Net Worth? – Updated 2021

How Much Are The Dobre Brothers Net Worth? – Updated 2021

The Dobre brothers have the best job in the world. They are literally paid to joke around, dance, and create skits, or in other words, just for fun. Although the Dobre brothers include Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus, and Darius, it was Lucas and Marcus who originally propelled the group to fame.

The twins became famous on Vine for creating comedic dance videos at their local grocery store. Their dance videos included acrobatics, in part due to the skills they inherited from their mom Aurelia Dobre, a retired gymnast, and her dad, a coach.

The Dobre brothers have been able to turn their love of social media into millions. Here’s everything you need to know about the Dobre Brothers and their net worth.

Lucas and Marcus Dobre first built a huge following on Vine. By December 2014, the account had already gained more than 300,000 followers. Lucas and Marcus eventually ended up collaborating with Jake Paul, becoming part of his YouTube team, Paul’s Team 10, which allowed them to gain a following on that platform as well.

Dobre Brothers’s Net Worths And Earnings

With more than 8.5 million people subscribed to their channel and around 1.6 billion views on their videos, they have dominated the YouTube community since their first arrival.

Moving on to the earnings of their YouTube channel, according to SocialBlade, they earn between $ 13.6 thousand and $ 217.6 thousand a month and $ 163.2 thousand to $ 2.6 million a year. Although the numbers seem like many, remember that it is divided into people.


The Dobre brothers benefit equally from their combined efforts, and are living examples that together they can do anything and achieve anything.

Besides that, they also earn from sponsorships and advertisements. That’s not all, the Dobre brothers also have their own game that simply bears their name, Dobre Dunk. His game is available on the Apple Store and Play Store.

They must also earn a couple of dollars there. We can’t say for sure, but looking at the odds, we can conclude that Dobre Brothers’ combined net worth is sure to surpass the million mark.

Dobre Brothers Other Sources Of Earnings

Unlike many YouTubers, the Dobre brothers have a variety of income streams. Some of them are merchandise, tours, concerts, and most importantly, Meet and Greet.

The cost of a ticket for their Meet and Greet program is about $ 600, which is extremely expensive. So yeah, the Dobre brothers earn a hefty charge for every time they perform at some kind of event.

They not only sell their merchandise on their official website but also on Amazon. They have a wide variety of products available there such as backpacks, t-shirts, and many more.


Now moving on to their musical concerts, if you follow the Dobre Brothers on YouTube, it won’t surprise you that they are incredibly talented when it comes to singing and dancing. Well, they will surely use their talents to the fullest as they travel the world hosting events.

As mentioned above, your tickets are not cheap and with that, you earn a pocket full of cash, which undoubtedly increases your fortune.


How did the Dobre twins get rich?

Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre are identical twins who have an estimated net worth of $ 22 million thanks to their YouTube channel. They first became famous through Vine, where they called themselves Twinbotz and had amassed more than 1.7 million followers.

Its content includes challenge videos, experiments, vlogs, dance videos, pranks, and much more entertaining content. The two were born in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Then they moved from Romania to the United States. Her mother is world champion gymnast Aurelia Dobre.

Did Marcus die from Lucas and Marcus?

First of all, we would like to confirm that nothing happened with the Dobre Brothers. The four brothers are very alive and well. A few days ago they went out together to celebrate Darius’s birthday, which his father was present to witness.

Although Marcus Dobre has not been very active on Instagram. They are still posting new videos on their YouTube channel which has accumulated more than nine million views.


Does Aurelia Dobre have a daughter?

The married couple are also the proud parents of their four children: Cyrus, 25, Darius, 22, and twins Marcus and Lucas, who are 19. Although the couple have a gym in Maryland, their children are in the Spotlight making videos and gaining fame and fortune.

Do the Dobre brothers own their cars?

The Brothers consists of twins Lucas and Marcus together with their elder brothers Cyrus and Darius. They are all content creators on YouTube with different channels mainly doing vlogs. They started a channel about the cars they own thanks to their success of YouTube and called it Dobre Cars.



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