How many cards in a deck A Standard Deck Without Jokers 2021

How many cards in a deck

How many cards in a deck A Standard Deck Without Jokers 2021

The standard 52-card deck of French-suited playing cards is the most common pack of playing cards used today. In English-speaking countries it is the only traditional pack used for playing cards; in many countries of the world, however, it is used alongside other traditional, often older, standard packs with different suit symbols and pack sizes.

The most common pattern worldwide and the only pattern commonly available in Britain and America is the English pattern pack.

The second most common is the Belgian-Genoese pattern, designed in France, but whose use spread to Spain, Italy, the Ottoman Empire, the Balkans and much of North Africa and the Middle East. In addition to those, there are other major international and regional patterns.

Everything you need to know about Deck of Playing Cards

How many black cards are in a deck of cards? How many clubs are in a deck of cards? How many Queens are in a deck of cards? These and many more questions are what players are looking for answers to. You don’t have to worry if you have been asking any of these questions. In this blog post, we will explore some frequently asked questions that new poker players have.

Whether you are new to casino or just learning the ropes in the game of poker, there are some basic details that you need to know about a deck of playing cards. With this understanding, it will be easier for you to differentiate from each suit in the deck of cards and know how each connects with the other.


We will be providing answers to some pertinent questions relating to the deck of cards. At the end of reading this content, you would have had a clear understanding of each of the suits and units of cards in a deck. Let’s get right into this!

Standard 52-Card Deck

The deck of cards referred to as the ‘standard deck’ is also known as the French deck which highlights the origin of the deck. The standard deck contains a total of 52 cards and there are thirteen ranks in the cards. These ranks comprise of the number two through ten, the jack, queen, king, and the ace.

This specific ordering of rank is regarded as ‘ace high’. In some scenarios, the ace ranks more than the king and this is called ace high. In some other cases, the ace ranks lower than two and this is referred to as ace low. In another circumstance, the ace can rank both low and high.

A standard 52-card deck also consists of four suits; clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts. Let us look at some of the common questions that people ask about the standard 52-card deck.

How many cards in a deck? – 2021 Updated

There are 52 cards in a deck. In addition to this, there are also an extra 2 joker cards. It is essential to mention that the joker cards are usually not used for many games.

The 52 cards are further divided into four suits, namely, spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. Each suit contains a total of 13 cards each. In each of the suits, there are nine number cards from two to ten, a King, a Queen, an Ace, and a Jack.

How many Aces are in a Deck of Cards?

A deck of standard 52 cards contain four aces. Each suit; hearts, diamonds, spades, and club, has their individual ace. This means that there are a total of four aces in a deck of standard card. Among the aces, there are two black aces.


One black ace belongs to the clubs and the other black ace belongs to spades. The ace of diamonds suit is red and the ace of hearts suit is also red. When playing at a table, the probability of selecting the black ace from a deck of 52 cards at any point in time is 1/26.

How many Jacks are in a Deck of Cards?

In a standard 52 cards deck, there are a total of four jacks with each suit having one jack. In other words, there is a jack in hearts suit, another one in diamonds suit, another in clubs suit, and another in spades suit. Each of the four jacks has a different look and it comes in a different posture also.

Among the four jacks, there are two one-eyed jacks and they belong to the hearts suit and the spades suit. The jack on the hearts faces the left and the jack of spades looks right.

The other two jacks are two-eyed. One is the jack of diamonds and the other is the jack of clubs. In total, there are two black jacks and these are the jack of Diamonds and the jack of Hearts. The remaining two jacks are red jacks and they are facing left.

Are Jokers included in a 52 Cards of Deck?

In a standard 52 cards deck, there are typically two Jokers. The use of this card varies from game to game. There are many card games that omit the card entirely and for this reason, many people do not regard the jokers as part of the standard 52 cards of deck.

As a matter of fact, the joker cards are usually used as informal substitute for damaged and lost cards in a deck. Other card games, such as the 25-card variation of the Euchre that utilizes the joker card as the highest trump card which makes the card one of the most important items in the game.


Generally, the joker is the wild card and it is usually allowed to represent other cards. Depending on the game, the joker can be very beneficial and at the same time very dangerous. In Euchre for exam, it is used for representing the highest trump. In poker game on the other hand, it is a wild card.

How many Face Cards are in a Deck? 

In a deck of standard 52 cards, there are twelve face cards. Face cards refer to those with a jack, king, or queen on them. There are four suits in a deck of cards and each suit has one of each type of the face card. In other words, there are four face jacks, four face kings, and four face queens in a deck.

In case you are wondering what face cards are, they are cards that have pictures on them instead of the regular numbers. Half of the twelve face cards are black and the remaining half is red.

How many Black Cards are in a Deck?

In a standard deck, there are 52 playing cards. Half of the deck is black and the other half is red. This means there are 26 black deck. It’s essential to mention that the black cards are also further divided into Clubs and Spades.


The black cards are made up of 13 clubs and 13 spades. Additionally, there are two Jokers and these are also black in many variations of cards.

This means if you add the two Jokers, you would have 28 black cards (26 standard black cards and 2 black Jokers). However, in a standard deck, the number of black cards that are recorded is 26.

How many Spades are in a deck of Cards?

In a deck of 52 cards, there are four suits and the spades represent one of the suit. In total, the number of spade in the is thirteen cards.

These include a king, a queen, a jack, an ace, and number cards from two through ten. The spades are black in color as well as the clubs. There are ten spades card with numbers and there are three with pictures. All the pictures on spades are facing right.


  • Deck of Cards: 52 total,
  • 4 suits of 13 each.
  • Clubs (♧) and Spades
  • (♤) are black, Hearts.
  • (♢) and Diamonds
  • (♥) are red. Jack
  • (J), Queen
  • (Q) and King (K) are …
How many cards in a deck
How many cards in a deck

How many Jacks are in a Deck of Cards?

As mentioned above, a cards has four suits. Each suit has a jack, which means there are four jacks in a deck. In other words, there are two red jacks and two black jacks. There is one jack in the diamonds suit, one in hearts suits, one in spades suit, and one in clubs suit.

Each jack in each of the suit features different postures and looks. Two out of the four suits have one eyed jack each. These are from the spades and hearts suits. On the spades suit, the Jack faces right while the jack in the hearts suit faces left. The jack of diamonds and the jack of clubs on the other hand are two eyed.

Is Ace a Face Card?

No, an Ace can’t be referred to as a face card because it doesn’t have a face on it. A face card generally has a face on it and in a deck of card; there are only 12 of them, with three in each of the four suits.


The face cards are also known as the court cards due to the fact that they reflect Jacks, Queens, and Kings on them. This means that these cards are the only face cards in a deck of cards and the reason is because they have face pictures on them.

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