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Babies Products Swaddle Blankets, Organic Muslin Wearable 2022

Swaddle Blankets

Babies Products Swaddle Blankets, Organic Muslin Wearable 2022

You will experience a huge transition when you bring your baby home from the hospital — but if you think about it, it’s nothing compared to the transition your baby is going through. To go from a warm, cozy environment in the womb to the harsh, stimulating outside world is shocking.

A swaddle blanket can make the transition easier for your baby, which will, in turn, make things easier for you. Swaddles can help soothe and comfort your little one and keep them cozy when they’re brand-new.

One of the cutest things you’ll probably ever see is a sleeping baby swaddled up like a burrito. But swaddling blankets aren’t just decorative wrapping; they’re meant to help infants, especially newborns, feel settled. “Swaddling is thought to help calm a newborn baby and improve sleep,” says Carrie M.

Babies Products Swaddle Blankets, Organic Muslin Wearable 2022

Brown, MD, a pediatrician at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. “Most babies will sleep more soundly if swaddled than left with their arms loose.”

During the first three months after birth, also called the “fourth trimester,” parents can help baby better adjust to the outside world by creating a snug, womb-like environment for him. This is especially true during sleeptime. So, to quell a fussy baby when it’s time to rest—or to stretch the amount of time your sleeping baby stays down—give swaddle blankets a try. When done correctly, it could lead to some much-needed sleep for the entire family.

Types of swaddle blankets

Swaddling babies is a centuries’ old practice, but lucky for parents the modern-day version of swaddling blankets is a bit more sophisticated than strips of cloth tied together that babies of yesteryear had to put up with (to think!). These days, you’ll find the best swaddle blankets in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics to suit your baby’s needs. Take a look at the different types of swaddle blankets you can choose from:

• Baby swaddle wrap. Typically square-shaped and fashion out of muslin or cotton, these require the old-fashioned, hospital-wrap method of bundling baby like a little burrito. (Also called the “dudu wrap” which stands for the “down up down up” swaddle steps.) No cheater snaps or closures.

• Swaddle suit. For parents who prefer to take the guesswork out of swaddling, a swaddle suit, or swaddle pod, is the answer. The suits feature zippers, velcro or hook-and-loop closures to keep baby bundled up inside.ADVERTISEMENT

Swaddle Blankets
Swaddle Blankets

How to use swaddle blankets

While swaddling blankets can be a lifesaver, there are practical and safety tips to keep in mind before you start using them to put the baby down for sleep.

  • Most babies enjoy being swaddled—that’s why hospital nurses do it. But it’s possible your baby will object once she’s home. Sometimes it’s as simple as switching the swaddling blankets you’re using. Or, your baby may simply need to get used to your swaddling technique, so don’t let a first few fussy swaddle sessions dissuade you.
  • Past the two-month mark, babies want (and need) their arms free. They’re ready to reach around and explore. You can transition to a wearable blanket to keep baby warm.
  • A swaddle or wearable blanket is the only bedding you should use in the crib or bassinet, except, of course, for a fitted crib sheet. Keep bumpers, loose blankets, pillows and stuffed animals out of the crib and you’ll have a safe sleep environment.
  • How many swaddle blankets do you need? Starting with two or three ensures that you always have a clean one if another is in the laundry.

Best Swaddle Blankets

Your hospital may have used a thin, cotton blanket for swaddling your newborn. You can take a few homes with you—they’re free! But if you’re not a swaddle ninja-like those nurses, you may also want a cotton muslin blanket, which is typically larger and has a little more stretch. Or, guess what? There are many Swaddlers that do the job of swaddling a baby for you with closures, arm pockets, leg pouches, and more. Here, 12 best swaddle blankets to try. Photo: Courtesy of Aden and Anais

1. Aden and Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blankets

The Aden and Anais swaddle is a favorite among parents for many reasons: They’re large, the patterns are killer-cute (including a Disney swaddle blanket and many organic swaddle blankets) and, finally, you can use one for countless other baby tasks: stroller blanket, on-the-fly changing mat, tummy time spot on the floor, nursing cover, emergency burp cloth—you name it, these muslin swaddle blankets have done it. Once you have these best swaddling blankets in your life, you’ll find yourself using them for everything, so thank goodness they’re sold both individually and in sets of three or four.

Buy It: Aden and Anais classic swaddles, $32 for a set of two, Amazon. ComPhoto: Courtesy of Halo Sleep

2. Halo SleepSack Swaddle Swaddling Blankets

Founded on the “back to sleep” message, Halo has a mission to keep babies snug, secure and sleeping safely. It’s also taken the origami aspect out of swaddling blankets by making them foolproof: You zip your baby into a Halo swaddle, then fold over the “wings” to keep his arms by his side. Once baby outgrows the swaddle suit, this turns into a safe, wearable blanket. They’re offered in cotton, muslin and micro-fleece swaddle materials.ADVERTISEMENT

Buy It: Halo SleepSack, Amazon. ComPhoto: Courtesy of Woombie

3. Woombie Swaddling Blankets

Woombie’s swaddle pod has something of a cult following, with some moms and dads swearing this is what helped the entire family get much-needed shuteye in those early newborn months. You literally zip your baby into the stretchy but snug swaddle suit and that’s it. The two-way zipper also lets you unzip from the bottom for easy nighttime diaper changes.

Buy It: Original Woombie Swaddling Blankets, $27,

4. Love to Dream Swaddling Blankets

Ever notice how some babies naturally sleep with their arms up over their head in a “victory” position? This zip-up, arms up swaddle pod is built so a baby’s arms stay in that comfy, raised position. It’s also flexible enough that if your baby wants to move her hand to her mouth for self-soothing, she can—it’s got more give in the arms than your average newborn swaddling blankets. It’s made of cotton and has a two-way zipper for fast diaper changes.

Buy It: Love to Dream Original Swaddle Up, $30,

5. Summer Infant SwaddleMe Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling is easy with Summer Infant’s SwaddleMe, which secures across your baby’s body with hook and loop closures. This velcro swaddle blanket means you can swaddle a little more tightly or a little more loosely, depending on your baby’s preference. Bonus: among our picks of best swaddle blankets, the SwaddleMe offers preemie swaddle wraps for babies up to 7 pounds.

Buy It: SwaddleMe original swaddle, $30 for a set of three, Target.ComPhoto: Courtesy of Ergo Baby

6. Ergobaby Swaddler Swaddling Blankets

This brand’s take on swaddling blankets encourages your baby’s legs to be in the M-shaped frog position, which is recommended to avoid hip dysplasia. And the removable bottom piece can also lift for quick diaper changes, while the pocket sleeves help securely hold your baby’s arms.ADVERTISEMENT

Buy It: Ergo Swaddlers, $25, Target. ComPhoto: Courtesy of Miracle Baby

7. Miracle Blanket Swaddling Blankets

Inside the Miracle Blanket there’s a hidden pouch for your baby’s legs, and sliding her in there is the first easy step to securing this swaddle sack. Next you tuck the wide flaps to keep baby’s arms at her side or across her chest in the “hands to heart” swaddle position. Lastly, tuck in the extra fabric and voilà! It’s a wrap that not even Houdini could break.

Buy It: Miracle Blankets, $30, Amazon.ComPhoto: Courtesy of Little Unicorn

8. Little Unicorn Organic Cotton Swaddle Blankets

What if you simply want the best swaddle blankets that also happen to be very cute and sweetly patterned? The designs of Little Unicorn’s Organic Cotton swaddles are to die for. Flowers! Flamingos! Dinosaurs! And did we mention the succulents? The prints are darling, and new ones come out often. You’ll need to break out your traditional dudu wrap skills to swaddle your baby, but the end result will be precious.

Buy It: Little Unicorn organic cotton swaddles, $38 for three,

9. Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

These cotton muslin baby swaddle blankets are both generously sized and nicely priced. Why not buy a pack of three, and use them for everything from swaddling, breastfeeding (they make great covers) to throwing over the stroller as a breathable sun shade? They’re sold in cute, coordinating patterns of baby girl swaddle blankets and baby boy swaddle blankets.

Buy It: Hudson Baby muslin swaddle blankets, $16 for a set of 3, Target.ComPhoto: Amazon

10. Ergobaby 2-in-1 Baby Sleeping Bag and Swaddle Set

When you’re approaching the two-month mark, swaddling blankets like this one is a great transition tool. Start using it with your baby’s arms securely wrapped, then use it arms-out as a wearable blanket as baby gets older. And this is the rare swaddle that gives you the option of wrapping your baby’s arms but keeping his legs completely out and free. This swaddle-to-sack is so versatile and long-lasting (closures at the shoulders allow you to adjust the fit as your baby grows that first year) that it deserves a place among our best swaddle blankets.ADVERTISEMENT

Buy It: Ergobaby 2-in-1 baby sleeping bag and swaddle sets, $35, Amazon.ComPhoto: Courtesy of The Ollie World

11. The Ollie Swaddle

Another super versatile swaddle blanket? The Ollie Swaddle. It can be fastened with baby’s arms either inside or outside, depending on baby’s preference or age. And the adjustable and open bottom is great for longer legs. Parents especially love the velcro fasteners, which take the headache out of a secure swaddle.

Buy it: The Ollie Swaddle, $65, Amazon.comPhoto: Amazon

12. Kepi Kozy Support Swaddle

This take on swaddling offers head, back and neck support for your newborn, while her arms are held in place swaddle-style and her legs are free, so any caregiver (including grandparents and even siblings) can hold your baby safely and you can actually relax (at least for a bit). It’s for babies up to 15 pounds.

Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap for Newborn & Infant, 0-3 Months 100% Breathable Cotton Swaddlers Sleep Sack with Adjustable Wings, 3 Pack Swaddling Blankets for Boys and Girls (Grey) 4.4 out of 5 stars 124. $18. 99.

The Best Swaddle Blankets of 2022. Here are our top Swaddlers for babies: 1. Miracle Blanket Baby Swaddle. Best Swaddle for Newborns.
But swaddling blankets aren’t just decorative wrapping; they’re meant to help infants, especially newborns, feel settled. “Swaddling is thought to help calm a …Our how to swaddle video + step-by-step swaddling guide will ensure that we’ll have your little one … Baby laying on a swaddle blanket …

Babies Products Swaddle Blankets, Organic Muslin Wearable 2022

Copper Pearl Blankets are designed to create the perfect swaddle. Made of premium knit, these soft blanket sets are lightweight and breathable, meaning your …Shop Target for Swaddles & Wearable Blankets you will love at great low prices. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up, and more.— Traditional swaddling blankets: These are large, thin blankets that you wrap the baby up in like a little burrito. They can be used for other things …

AAP Safe Sleep Recommendations

Do not have any loose blankets in your baby’s crib. A loose blanket, including a swaddling blanket that comes unwrapped, could cover your baby’s face and increase the risk of suffocation. Use caution when buying products that claim to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Do you really need swaddle blankets?

Swaddling is great for a few reasons: It prevents the newborn startle reflex from waking them by keeping the baby’s arms tight to their sides. Newborns feel comforted and calm in the tight, womb-like wrap. It keeps your baby warm while they sleep without any loose blankets, which can be a suffocation hazard.

Swaddle Blankets
Swaddle Blankets

Best Swaddles to Help Your Baby Have a Safe and Sound Sleep

  • Best Overall Swaddle Blanket: Halo SleepSack Swaddle.
  • Strongest Swaddle Blanket: Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap.
  • Best Blanket for Babies Who Don’t Like Swaddles: Love to Dream Swaddle Up.
  • Best Swaddle Blanket for Hip Positioning: Ergobaby Swaddler.

What can swaddle blankets be used for?

swaddle helps your baby feel safe and secure as she adjusts to life outside the womb. Swaddling helps prevent her from flailing her arms and legs, which can trigger her startle reflex and potentially cause her to wake up. A swaddle keeps baby cozy and warm until her internal thermostat kicks into gear.

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