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21 Best Ways To Be The Sexy Wife of Your Husband 2022

Sexy Wife

21 Best Ways To Be The Sexy Wife of Your Husband 2022

We give you the essential guide so that you know, master, and dare to experience maximum pleasure with your gallant.

So you are married and happy, but what about sexy? There is no reason for those sexy clothes to go to waste just because you have a ring on your finger. By Minot Pettinato-Little

Just because she is a wife does not mean that she should have lost that “Je ne sais quoi” that had hooked her husband since date number one.

Couples grow up together, and sometimes that means there is little left for the imagination, but it doesn’t have to be. Women are fabulous whether they have a stone on their finger or not. So why do these fantastic, confidence, and sexy women suddenly feel like old news after getting hooked?

ways to stay sexy after getting married

Do you think that just because you are in a loving and committed relationship that sex should become stale and your conversations routine? Think again. Here we show you all the ways you can be a wife and still ignite the fires of passion in your man.

Embrace the role of wife. 

Then you are the wife. You are the quiet place for your man to fall after a hard day, the one that makes him fabulous dinners and enchants him with amazing conversations … But he also does the dishes, helps pay the bills, and cleans his dirty underwear.

Rather than resent your role as a wife, embrace the fantasy that comes with it. Are you a housewife? Show her exactly how sexy a wife can be – let her come home cooking a fantastic meal in nothing but 6 ″ heels and your most tempting lingerie. It is sure to be an image of a woman that you will never forget.

Insist on a date night. – Sexy Wife

It may sound like a limp “mom” thing, but don’t be fooled – this strategy is excellent for both newlyweds and veteran married couples. Life is hectic, and between jobs, family, friends, and possibly children, sometimes there is little time to connect with your partner and “be” together.

Some couples like having a monthly sex vacation or an exciting event to go to or even a road trip where they can leave it all behind. They are not the regular dates to go to dinner, but they are exciting adventure-type dates.

And remember, while you can include a sexy game night as a tempting option, date night doesn’t always have to be about sex. Date night is about spending time together as a couple. Instead of worrying about what naughty underwear you’ll wear for the night, try something a little more sentimental, like recreating your first romantic date together.

Keep the sex attractive – Sexy Wife.

One of the most important ways to remain a sex goddess for your husband is to be a sex goddess. A life of love, understanding, laughter, and comfort in a marriage is lovely, but a life of monogamy can be challenging. Even if your husband was the best sex of your life, 20 years with someone, even 5 years, can start to get tough in the bedroom.

You and your partner are used to each other, and you know all the tips and tricks to make each other come, but after what seems like a life together, sex usually starts to get stale.

Be a sexy wife and keep things interesting in the bedroom. Yes, he knows all your dirty secrets, nooks, and crannies that you have to touch to get there, but why don’t you skip the mundane and spice it up? Buy a book on sexual positions and try a new one every day. Take a trip to the sex shop alone and bring him home with a collection of goodies spread out on the bed. You will appreciate the gesture.

Another way to spice up your sex life is with monthly sex boxes. Do you know how women can order subscription boxes each month full of high-end makeup swatches? Now you can receive a monthly sex box the same way, only instead of makeup goodies, you will get lingerie, a sex toy, lotion, lube, and deepthroat sample sprays, and naughty games to play. Take a look online and find a box that works for you.

Couples who are sent sex subscriptions every month have said they feel their partner is less likely to cheat and that having a fantasy to look forward to each month has encouraged both their sex lives and communication.

Roleplay. – Sexy Wife

 Years of being with the same person can sometimes stifle that spark you feel. Roleplay is a great way to live out not just your fantasies but to be and be with someone new for one night. Play the role you have on a first date, a sexy stranger, or a high-powered businesswoman who is attractive to your business rival. Let your imagination run wild!

Leave mommy at home. 

If you are parents and have had a weekly date for yourselves, do a sexy little favor and leave the kids with the babysitter that night each week. No matter what you’re doing – cooking, cuddling, ice skating – make sure it’s the two of you, not your kids. Yes, you love them. Yes, you like to talk about them. But you are on a date night. Leave your “mom” stuff at home.

Keep the mystery alive.  – Sexy Wife

Marriage rules specify that when you get married, you move in together, and when you move in together, all of a sudden, all those secret feminine behaviors that you used to do when you were alone to stay pretty and pretty are in your husband’s view.

Men like a mystery. It’s what keeps them hooked when they try to catch you. One of the best ways to remain a sexy wife is to stay a sexy mystery. For example, keep your primping private … private. If you have hairs that pop up where there were none before, your fellah certainly doesn’t need to know.

Keep taking care of yourself – Sexy Wife.

Just because you are married does not mean that you should focus all your attention on your spouse, children, and home. With married mothers especially, juggling your kids, your job, and your husband can be a balancing act, one that leaves little room for showering.

It is a fact; mothers spend more time with their children than with themselves. While it is important to dress and prepare the little ones, do not give up on taking care of yourself. Keep up with your skin and hair care routines, and don’t be afraid to get dressed now and then and do your best.

Your husband coming home to his sexy wife with her winged eyeliner, tousled hair, and little black dress will make you say, “Hi, do you remember me?”

Have your own life – Sexy Wife

It is essential that as a married couple you spend time together, but as an individual with your wants and needs, it is just as necessary to keep your social life away from your partner. It creates not only that intense feeling of independence but also conversation starters with your partner. If all you’re doing is spending time together, you won’t have a lot of new things to report on. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be independent. And independence? Very sexy

Your partner fell in love with you because of you. Cliché as it is. Just because you’ve become a wife doesn’t mean you should let go. Continue to show your man that you are a fierce and sexy kitty by asserting your independence, showing him that you care, and continuing to rock his world in all areas of life.

Don’t judge him – Sexy Wife

Whether listening to your partner’s fantasy or allowing yourself to identify yours, being open to different desires is essential, says sexologist Ian Kerner. “Remember, everything falls into the realm of fantasy, and these are things that you don’t necessarily have to do,” says Kerner. So, put aside your prejudices and listen to what your partner wants. You could discover new pleasures.

You are an innovative – Sexy Wife.

While anyone sees the arm of a chair, you see an excellent instrument for a doggie style. “Being creative and looking for new tools to light the fire is crucial in a lover,” says an expert on sex and relationships, Pepper Schwartz. “Anyone who says ‘let’s dress up or do it in the closet,’ or whatever is more interesting, that’s great,” says Schwartz.

You think a lot about sex – Sexy Wife.

“Sex has a potent mental component,” says Kerner. So pay attention the next time you have a sensual thought or feel aroused at some point in the day, don’t eliminate it and allow yourself to feel eroticized.

You can put the needs of another first. Rehearsing empathy in bed can make your partner a great lover. “We’re not suggesting that you always put your guy first (after all, your orgasms matter too), but it can be sexy to focus on your partner’s pleasure now and then,” says Kerner. It’s not about being complacent all the time but about treating your partner the way you would like to be treated. We promise you that these generous acts will not go unnoticed.

You are not afraid to try new things.

“It’s hard to be good in bed if you only do what you know and don’t dare to try different things, ” says Schwartz. If your partner is planning a threesome and you don’t think it is a good idea, it is perfectly justified to say no. But when it comes to new tricks, positions, and techniques, we suggest you give them a try.

You enjoy your time alone. – Sexy Wife

No, not alone with your Netflix. With your vagina. A woman in tune with her body and knows what feels good is a much better lover and enjoys sex more. We girls can forget how fun and enjoyable masturbating can be, especially when they are in a relationship; And although some think that masturbation makes you lose interest in sex, the truth is that it is the opposite.

You don’t let your complexes hold you back.

Think about the best sex of your life; the most likely thing is that your partner was passionate and with impressive sex appeal. We assure you that he was not worried about his body; he did not ask you to turn off the lights or complain about his extra pounds. We have already told you before, and now we repeat it: self-confidence is the sexiest attribute someone can have. “Someone who says I’m sexy and I like the way I look makes you believe it,” says Schwartz.

You know when to get a little crazy.

Being able to loosen up and let go is an excellent attribute in a partner. You will be more uninhibited, which is super sexy. Another reason: men say that something they love about a good lover is that she makes noise, says Shwartz. Sometimes men don’t know if the woman is enjoying it. But they can use the noises you make as signals. These sounds can be phrases like ‘louder,’ ‘slow,’ or ‘right there,’ accompanied by groans.

You are a spontaneous – Sexy Wife.

When we asked several men what the sexiest thing a woman can do is, most of them responded: take the reins and do something surprising and spontaneous. From waking them up with a blowjob or waiting for them in bed in sexy lingerie, they can be good ideas that will make them want you more.

You are in shape. – Sexy Wife

Research indicates that being fit and physically active is an excellent aphrodisiac for men, but it can also make you good in bed. For example, exercise increases concentration increases libido, improves your performance, and helps you raise your self-esteem.

You laugh at yourself. – Sexy Wife

A woman who is very good in bed can see the funny side of any situation. Sexologist Logan Levkoff recently commented, “You probably don’t remember the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had, but you will remember the time you fell out of bed because you were so turned on you didn’t even realize you were on the edge of it. bed.”

Weird sounds or failed positions can happen, but if you can take it with humor and continue enjoying it, it can make you a bed expert.

It never hurts to give a couple of nudges to regain desire and passion in relationships.

It is time to be a slightly more daring woman to end routine and conquer new frontiers in sex, to once again have unforgettable moments with your partner.

Forget about tiredness and stress – Sexy Wife.

The worst enemies of sex are stress, responsibilities, lack of sleep, and tiredness. And women suffer from all these problems very often. 

Don’t forget that sex is one of the best natural relaxants. If you spend so much energy at work, why not put in a little more effort to have an incredible sexual moment? 

It is not because you have been with your partner for years that you stop being a woman with desires and attractiveness. You don’t need to have model measurements to arouse your partner’s passion. Strengthen your self-esteem, which will make you more receptive to sex. Try one of the beauty treatments or a massage. And repeat with me: I am sensual!

Take the initiative in sex.

Showing your wishes is the best way to warm up your partner’s wishes. Routine always makes us invent a “better tomorrow” apology. 

Surprise your man with a particular attitude, an intimate affection when he least expects it. Taking the initiative will reinforce your image as a lover in the eyes of your partner. 

For example, tell him to park the car when you go on a trip and ask him to make love to you, grab him in the elevator or the bathroom of a public place. Do not limit your sexual desires; it is time to commit crazy love.

Make love more times – Sexy Wife.

Those old days, sex at home, on the beach, at night, during the day … And why not increase the frequency of your sexual relations now? 

Recover your sexual spirit from when you were young and surprise your partner by renewing your sexual appetite. It is not a sin to say, “I want more!

Sexy Wife
Sexy Wife

15. Fulfill your partner’s sexual desires

Is there a sexual desire that your partner has asked you many times and you have not wanted to do it? For example, fellatio or anal sex? Think about it better, do not let yourself be held back by embarrassment or certain prejudices, if you feel like it, go ahead.

16. Confess your sexual fantasies – Sexy Wife

Get close to the ear and confess to your lover your sexual fantasies, surely with a little seduction he will be ready to make them come true. How easy and fun it is to fulfil wishes in bed.

17. Be a woman who thinks about sex

Thinking about sex will make you want to have more sex. The imagination is free to dream of wonderful sexual situations.

18. Do not always make love in the same way

Look for more information about sex and you will find many different positions to have sexual intercourse. New postures, techniques, tricks will improve your sex life. 
Doing the same thing every day is boring. Seek to read the Kamasutra, to know tantric sex, there are thousands of possibilities to open new frontiers in sex.

19. Two orgasms are better than one

Having an orgasm is much easier than you think. The female body is blessed and ready to be multi-orgasmic. 
It’s just a matter of practice: when you climax, don’t stop, keep stimulating yourself, you may discover that you are a multi-orgasmic superwoman.

20. Buy yourself sex toys

Sex toys are great fun and a highly recommended weapon to reactivate your sex life and reach higher levels of pleasure. Forget prejudices, two adults have the right to enjoy their sexual relationships more. Visit a sex shop with your partner, there are very appetizing things for both him and you. You will return from the purchase very animated.

21. Sex walks and trips

A surprising getaway to be alone is very aphrodisiac. When have you been alone with your partner in an idyllic place for the last time? Prepare a little trip where the first objective is sex, and the second objective is sex, the third also. 
Choose a good hotel, with a jacuzzi in the room and lock yourself up with your loved one to make love. No children, no rush, just the two of them.

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Sexy Wife

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